Client Testimonials

Here I sit at about 8:30 AM, just two days before we depart. Yes, I'm in bed with a snoozing Brad, before we leave for our WeddingMoon at Sandals Whitehouse. And it feels AWESOME.

Ordinarily, I'd be my usual panicked self, running crazy and worried about what wasn't done. Add in the stress of planning a wedding (in another country, no less), and that's a catalyst for Hilary The Super Control Freak. And I've only got one thing to say about that:


My reservations were handled timely, she worked out a payment plan for a very busy family with two kids, and has become someone I'm proud to call a friend in the process. Her flawless and extremely pleasant service has been amazing to deal with A perfect example is when I saw the infamous 50% price drop. By the time I realized what had happened and emailed Amy about it, she just replied "No worries, I've already taken care of it for you! Watch your email for an updated invoice." Now THAT, my friends, is SERVICE. Many other TA's would have just left it alone, keeping the commission on the extra $800+. Not Amy.

Again I'll say - thanks, Amy. You've made our WeddingMoon the easiest trip I've ever planned! You've got yourself a customer for life.

Hilary and Brad Westerville, OH
Recently back from our Sandals Halcyon trip and gotta say that Dream Makers Vacation Services took care of us from start to finish and even went so far as to call the resort to make sure we were having a great time!!!! We've used TA's in the past but never got this kind of special treatment. We'll definitely use them again, hopefully very soon, and have passed her name on to several other people who are thinking of a Sandals trip. And next time I'm sitting on the beach in the Caribbean, I'll make sure to raise my glass to her and realize how lucky we were to find them. Thanks........

Jillie, California, USA
Thanks for taking such great care of my sister booking her Oceania cruise. She was dealing with someone else and I suggested using Amy. Well, Amy got back to her right away with all the information and pricing. My sister booked with Amy and raved over the quality of service she gives to her clients.

Thank you!!!!

Clare, Philadelphia, PA
Don't know what to say, Amy, except your help, time and assistance was so greatly appreciated that I'm not sure you realize how much everything you did meant to Diane and I.

If we ever had a child, we'd name the baby 'Amy', although if it was a boy, well, I guess there'd be some 'splaining to do

Frank, Cleveland, Ohio
I wanted to say a huge thank you to Dream Makers Vacation Services for their help with my Antigua swap to Sandals Dunn's River and for all they did to ensure we had a great trip. They went above and beyond for us!

I am one of those folks who had always said that a Travel Ageny wasn't a necessity... let me tell you I am a convert.

Gina & Jay, Alabama
Hello everyone - I cannot say enough about this company. We are 4 couples who travel together each year and next year we are looking for our group to be larger due to a 25th Wedding Anniversary in the group. Amy has been helping us for a while to find something that will suit the whole group as well as stay within budgets. I have never in all of my traveling experience received such service. Amy is back to us the same day we send her questions etc.... And most of the time it is within an hour. She is both professional and courteous and very good at what she does.

She has also handled a trip for me, my husband and kids and another family and made that very easy for us as well.

On a personal note I recently lost my grandmother and Amy has been wonderful with that as well - she has e-mailed me not about the trip or trying to make a sale - but about me - to see how I was doing and how my kids are holding up. So not only is she a good Travel Agent she is a good PERSON - which in my opinion goes a long way.

Contact Dream Makers Vacation Services about your next trip - you will not be dissappointed.

Marie and Joe, Charlotte, North Carolina
We booked our honeymoon through Dream Makers Vacation Services. There were some mix-ups with one of the return flights and I, as the stressed out bride, panicked . So, it was Amy to the rescue. After 1 phone call she straightened the whole thing out in less than 24 hours. I know from her end there was a lot more work than that, but I appreciate how quickly and calmly she took care of everything. I think people at Sandals Regency were getting a little tired of my new hubby (it takes a lot for him to brag) and I bragging about our amazing travel agent, who actually cares about her clients. She also called and checked in before we left and there was a message waiting when we returned, what service! Just wanted to share a little story for those who are questioning whether or not they need a Travel Agent, I cannot imagine having to fix this myself.

Dana Gardner
Our Agent Amy who is the owner of Dream Makers Vacations is the best! She has a great relationship with Sandals as well as many other resort chains and put us in contact with the one and only "Q" on our recent Sandals Whitehouse trip...I just can't say enough about both of them except they are amazing. Q took care of everything for us! Dinner reservations, making sure the rooms were stocked with water, juice, Jack Daniels and Absolute! He also planned my Birthday Dinner for us.

Michele, Indiana
I must tell you my thoughts of how wonderful Amy is. I have booked two trips with another Travel Agent and I never heard from her until it was time to pay the bill. Well I realized enough is enough and started looking around and I found Amy and Dream Makers Vacation Services.

I emailed Amy about a week ago and in literally a few minutes I had a warm hello, answers to questions, and I knew I had found the one! Amy is thoughtful, insightful, sincere, honest and has more integrity than I knew possible. To top it all off she is helping me with things on the trip I have booked currently, and I didn't even book it with her! She has answered every question, no mater how silly instantly. I can't wait to book my next trip with Amy. She has earned my respect and business forever.

I could go on and on, and it wouldn't do her justice. All I can say is truly and sincerely Amy will far exceed any expectation you have for a Travel Agent and if you're looking get in contact with her!


Suman, Iowa
After reading great things about Amy and Dream Makers Vacation Services I gave them a call! She is just as great as everyone says she is; and patient as well! She worked with me on a Sunday to book an extended family trip on Freedom of the Seas. We had not decided on which ship, she helped with that! Other agencies I have used only served as a booking agent. Amy actually helped with the selection process and found all of the cabins. We booked one Jr. Suite, three balcony rooms, and two promenade rooms. She was able to keep the young adults together and give the parents and grandparents breathing room. Now that is what I call a great booking on an already full ship!

Royal Caribbean does not allow Travel Agents to discount fares, but Amy does provide generous ship board credits (I think maybe she just likes me! ) which are another perk that I have never received from other agents.

Thanks again Amy! I promise I won't bug you every day.....I'll just want you to speed up the calendar!

Teresa, IL
All I can say is: YOU BETTER BOOK YOUR VACATION WITH AMY MCHUGH!!!!!!!! 'Nuff said. That woman is kick a$$ on upgrades and surprises along the way. Between Amy, Lancelot and our crew we went with, this trip to Sandals Whitehouse was by far the absolute best vacation we have ever had!!!

AMY!! Thanks again for all that you did!! You have my business for LIFE!!!!!

Angie, Alabama
My wife and I just returned from Jamaica, and as a first time (at least since the pre-internet days) travel agent user, I must say that I was very pleased with Amy and her willingness to go above and beyond.

Upon arrival, our Concierge host, Lancelot, noted who our travel agent was and said they always like to take care of Amy's clients. We booked a Premium Beachfront room and ended up on the 4th floor with room service. I credit this to a combination of resort occupancy, our returning guest status (our 2nd time at this particular resort), and Amy's request for our upgrade, which the staff obviously made a note of.

Our second night there, a lovely chocolate cake with 'Happy Anniversary' written in chocolate was in our room. Thanks Amy, that was a lovely surprise. We'll be contacting you in the future when vacation time rolls around again

Erick, California
Thank you, this honeymoon was perfect in everyway. The stay at Secrets Capri in Mexico was everything we could of imagined and more, all the employees just went out of their way to make our stay perfect, the whole time smiling and asking if they could do anything more.

And everything went perfect with the flight, transfers, resort check in, and our guy from American Express was extremely helpful too.

We'll definitely use you again for our next vacation! :)
Thanks for the perfect honeymoon!

Betsy & Warren Parks
As stated above I placed my reservation with Amy back in late August last year for our trip this May to the Caribbean.

However, I believe you can truly measure the make up of an individual when things are not so perfect. Let me explain.

We received our tax return so I wanted to finish paying off our balance on the trip. I emailed Amy regarding this and she got back with me stating what our balance was. I was mistaken on what our deposit had been so I emailed back requesting some clarification on the bill.

Although there was no fault on her side she instantly contacted the reservation company and resolved the issues. In essence, she went ABOVE and BEYOND her responsibility as a Travel Agent and resolved my concern. THAT, in my mind, shows her true character and worth as a friend and as a Travel Agent. Amy, thank you SO much for your integrity and diligence. She is my travel agent and should be yours too.

Adrian and Molly Utah
This trip was originally booked for Sandals Antigua. Due to the Mediterranean Village construction not completed yet we decided to move to another resort. If we had not booked this trip through Amy (Dream Makers Vacation Services) I am certain I would not have fared as well with the deal they made me. Amy was tireless in helping me (and putting up with me) with the Antigua bump. We exchanged emails almost daily and she was always on top of the most recent news. Not only were we moved to our first choice but we also received a substantial amount off our trip due to losing money on airline tickets and for the hassle. We were moved to Sandals Dunn's River to the Honeymoon Penthouse Concierge room. Prior to our trip she emailed Dunn's River management for an upgrade to the two bedroom suite I was wanting desperately-her efforts were successful... Amy, again thank you so much for working so hard on our Antigua bump and also the transfer to Dunn's. Since getting home we have finalized with her going to Antigua in December and it should be against the law for the deal we are getting. Also, I know she contacted the resort while we were there several times to make sure we were having fun (Maria told me ). I thought that was extremely over and beyond and it is obvious you care about your clients satisfaction. You have my business for life!

Betsy and Mike, Alabama
We have never used a travel agent before. We thought we would contact Amy with Dream Makers Vacation Services. She is EXCELLENT. She always responded promptly, answered all of our questions, gave us helpful information about traveling, and basically held our hands through everything! And then the night before we were to leave, our flight was cancelled due to a forecasted ice storm in Dallas. I was in panic mode. She helped calm me down and really helped guide us as to what we needed to do. It was so late on a Friday night, I didn't want to call her. But as my husband was on the phone making calls to the airline, I emailed her. Sure enough, she got right back to me and helped relieve my fears and told us what all we needed to do. I look forward to working with Amy in the future. She really is amazing. And I honestly think she is the sole reason we were given such a wonderful upgrade. She had emailed a few days before we left telling them we were celebrating an anniversary and asked them to upgrade us if at all possible. Many, many thanks to Amy and Dream Makers Vacation Services!! She really helped us plan an amazing trip.

Brad and Carrie, Texas
The trip was wonderful, the upgrade was terrific and so were the flowers. We walked from our room to the pool and the beach was right there. Someone called every night to see if there was anything we needed and we had 24 hour room service. It was spectacular as was the food - ask my waistline!!

We did nothing but eat, sleep and relax - which was just what we both needed. Bob is still not feeling great, but he enjoyed the warmth a lot. Maybe when he gets over this operation........ we'll see.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. It was terrific and we enjoyed everything immensely.

Denise and Bob, PA
We just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done to make our trip to Antigua perfect! You are so easy to work with and we really appreciate and admire all of the hard work and effort you put into ensuring that your clients have a wonderful vacation! You truly go above and beyond for your clients! Thanks to you, we received a fantastic upgrade at the resort, and everything went as smoothly as possible. We look forward to working with you in the future!


Kate and Mike Comber, Philadelphia, PA
I don’t use travel agents.  That is just who I am.  I like to plan and I like to be in charge of our trip.  That being said my better half Jen suggested that we use a travel agent.  I was completely opposed.  She said I have somebody that I want you to talk to.  She had met Amy through a travel message board that we belong to.  I reluctantly said yes and I reached out to Amy. 

She changed my entire perception of using a travel agent.  I run on city time, I live with a blackberry and when I need an answer I needed it yesterday.  To my sheer and utter amazement Amy keeps up with my pace.  We booked our last trip through her and the service that she provided was nothing short of amazing.  She was super responsive and got me the full and correct answer every time.  She was also able to secure us VIP treatment while we were on our trip.  This was solely due to her, we would not have received it if I had done our booking on my own.  She was with us every step of the way and I felt as though she truly cared about our experience. 

Regardless of whether you are a novice traveler or an expert one, talk to Amy.  I have no doubt that you will be as impressed as I was.

Ryan and Jen, Florida
We have had the pleasure of booking our past three vacations with Amy of Dream Makers. In the past, I was reluctant to use a TA but so many people raved about Amy that we had to give her a try. Well, luckily for us, we did!

That vacation wound up being one with lots of issues due to the resort not being completed. Amy navigated the dealings with the resort on our behalf and it worked out better than we could have ever dreamed with a huge upgrade as well as free nights compensation.

In addition to helping us navigate through unforeseen circumstances, Amy treats us like true "friends". She is aware of our likes and dislikes and makes requests on our behalf before we even ask her. In the year I have known Amy, I have referred her to a few friends and family members and they all rave about her service, professionalism and sweet personality. She is truly a special person and a wonderful travel agent!

Thank you, Dream Makers!

Connie & Rob South Orange, NJ
Not only is Amy a delightful travel agent, she is a magician as well.  Amy was able to get us 5 star treatment +++ at a sold out resort for my 40th and my Aunt's 60th Birthday's.  It truly made this one of the most magical vacations to a Sandals resort yet.  Every request we made (and didn't) was taken care of without any hesitation.  I could tell by talking with the Managers and employees, that Amy is widely known and respected in this market.  I am lucky to have found her and recommend that you try her out.  You will not be sorry!

Steve & Heather Harris from CA
We would like to thank Amy for arranging such a WONDERFUL anniversary trip to Sandals Royal Caribbean.  We were married at the Sandals Whitehouse in September of 2005, but used another travel agent to book the trip and we did not receive any upgrades or have any “special” personal touches added to our trip.  On this trip we received a lovely room upgrade, a yummy cake with a card wishing us a happy anniversary, and a leather luggage tag shaped like a sandal.  Amy took care of every little detail and was very quick to answer all of our questions. Literally all we had to do was show up and relax and enjoy!!!!!  She has earned our respect and trust, also our business for any and all future trips.  You will not be disappointed with Dream Makers Vacation Services J

Chris & Jennifer Roanoke, VA
My husband and I have been on multiple Caribbean vacations and we have worked with different travel agents.  After hearing all the great work and magic that Amy with Dream Makers Vacation Services could do with a vacation we decided to book with her.  We are glad we did. She kept in contact with us from the time we booked the trip, which was about 10 months prior to travel, up until days before we left.  She went above and beyond what many TA’s would do. She noticed the prices had gone down and took care of the adjustment. She put in a request for an upgraded room and that request was granted. (This was a fabulous treat for us!!!) She also worked with us so we could make payments on the trip. I can’t even begin to mention all the “little” things that she did. Everything went smoothly and the vacation was perfect. I think everything went so well because I feel Amy enjoys her job and she has built a great relationship with many resorts and her clients. This is what makes clients come back.  Speaking of returning clients, I am in the process of booking my next trip with Dream Makers Vacation Services!

Alanda and Bob, ND
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I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and recommendation in booking our wonderful vacation to the Excellence Punta Cana in Dominican Republic.


We had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed the Excellence Resort.  I had a memorable 50th birthday, one that I will never forget!!  Everything was perfect.


I look forward to being able to book our next trip with you in the near future.  Thank you again!!


Mary & Larry Isaacs



The Isaac's
I am a planner. I am so bad, that I once laminated an itinerary for my family at Disney in case it rained. Sadly, if you are reading this blurb, you are a planner too. And you are most likely trying to decide whether you need help planning your Sandals/Beaches trip. Well, worry no more, trust a fellow planner -- use Amy and Dream Makers Vacation Services. They are incredible. My last trip, I had back-to-back airplanes have to deplane because of mechanical issues. No worries, Dream Makers Vacation Services to the rescue. Yes, they do a great job, but more than that, they care. That means a lot to me and it will to you as well. You won't be disappointed.

Mark from Texas